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When I was tasked with taking control of the company Pinterest account at BodyRock I noticed a huge spike in engagement on infographics. I began creating an infographic a day to see if it would improve social growth and engagement. 

I would frequently observe trending themes or reoccurring problem areas among our audience that I could research and address with infographics.

A majority of these pins were both researched and designed by myself. These infographics would reach millions of people and receive hundreds of thousands of repins.

When I took over the account at 330,000 followers we were losing approximately 30 subscribers a day, adter 6 months of being under my management we had risen to 370,000 subscribers with a growth of 100 followers a day. Average monthly viewers had risen from 100,000 to ten million, and impressions and engagement rose exponentially.

These are a small portion of my infographics and more can be seen here

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Designing Infographics


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I’m a freelance designer and advertiser based out of a winterized cabin north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Over the last 7 years I’ve been a junior designer, senior designer, production manager and creative director. I’ve worked in-house in magazine, fitness and marketing industries. I’m now enjoying the freedom of freelance, working for companies all over the world on a variety of super-fun projects. I’d love to hear about the projects you have in mind. 

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