Hot Sauce Label

This is branding, packaging and advertising posters for a gourmet hot sauce company.

Gonzo Skull is aptly named because they create bizarre, unusual hot sauce mixes. I wanted to represent the bizarre nature of this hot sauce with a Ralph Steadman inspired design.

Each Sauce features an illustration that represents what the sauce contains or goes well with, which makes the labels not only visually appealing, but also functional. 

Hotsauce Image
HotSauce Hog
Hot Sauce Labels
Hot Sauce poster chicken
Hot Sauce Poster Hog

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I’m a freelance designer and advertiser based out of a winterized cabin north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Over the last 7 years I’ve been a junior designer, senior designer, production manager and creative director. I’ve worked in-house in magazine, fitness and marketing industries. I’m now enjoying the freedom of freelance, working for companies all over the world on a variety of super-fun projects. I’d love to hear about the projects you have in mind. 

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